Personal Space

The sky is crying somewhere, it’s very far
I am not good enough to tell you my feelings
even though it tears my heart

I am not good enough to breath deeply
I am not good enough to be happy
We might hate each other be cause of the world we live in

Will you satisfy? What if we pretend like
we understand each other!

This is the material world in a little box
Time is always chasing us

I am not good enough to prove that I could be part of you
You always deny me, existence, ( I’m here in front of your eyes )
You never imagine the big picture

What if I could kill my soul? Only then could I be with you?

If you just want to hang out with someone, whoever it is,
Please just leave me alone

I know that you want me so badly as I just wanna get away so badly
Even your pure spirit tears my heart ( Even though Very pure spirit tears my heart )
I suppose I can’t follow the rules sometimes
So laugh at me, release me, just leave me ( leave me )

It’s not a joke, it’s like the relation between the Sun & Moon